A group of individuals' feet around a smiley face drawn on the ground

New Beginnings

New Beginnings As we start a new year it is often a time to contemplate our past, present and future. When struggling mentally, it is often a major challenge to plan for that day, never mind into the future. However, […]


New Years – Richard Whitehead As a new year begins, we all have our challenges to face, but can normally put them on the back burner as we say, “this year will be our year”. But why will this year […]

A black cup that has been fixed with gold, these cracks are golden in hue.


Light It’s strange when watching TV how an item can relate to life and in particular mental wellbeing. I was watching “All that glitters” on BBC, which is a programme where talented craftsperson make jewellery from raw materials for judges. […]