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One thing many of us fear is change. From the time we left our parents to go to primary school for the first time, up to a new job, or moving out of the family home, change can be really scary and challenging for us.

But what if we didn’t embrace change, what if we stuck to our roots and never experienced different things? I for one love travelling and seeing different cultures and food, but if I had never embraced change, I’d have never got on that ferry aged 8 to go to France, or boarded that aeroplane to go on a foreign holiday aged 12.

As we experience changes in our lives, we can do one of two things, shelter in the comfort of what we know, or put ourselves out there and give ourselves an opportunity to move forward. Notice how I used the phrase move forward?

When we retreat, we can stagnate, we can get lost in our own world, and whilst it is good to stop and reflect sometimes, the word stagnate suggests that we cease to flow. Without flow a shark suffocates, without flow we can become isolated, without flow we can forget what skills and attributes we own.


Moving forward is imperative, not easy by any means, especially if a life change has happened, from bereavement, to family breakdown, redundancy or loss of earnings. But by using the experiences we have sometimes suffered (or are going through), we can use these skills to progress.


Where are you at right now?

Do you struggle to make the change?

Please speak with us to see how we can support you make that change and fulfil your potential.

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