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Divine Creations

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As a practising Christian Katie’s work also encompasses Creative Workshops which are designed to help Church teams use the Creative Arts in their worship and services.

These can also be delivered to members of the congregation as a worship session or as part of training for the staff team.

Visit – St Johns, Burscough

I attended an arts group coordinated by Katie, and another member of our church, for several years, and during this time I feel it helped me in several ways, including helping my faith grow. Many of the activities, such as miming or dance, would help us explore elements or attitudes within Christianity, whilst others- painting, stop-motion animation- were just plain fun! The group also helped me develop my social skills by interacting with the other group members. And Of course none of this would have been possible without Katie.

Adam Hope

At In Another Place we have worked with Katie Whitehead since spring 2009. She is a very engaging and enthusiastic practitioner with a sparkle and flair which is infectious for young and old alike. She trained her group of actors to perform a short piece of physical theatre that she devised as part of our Narnia Experience in Old Christ church. We have always found that she works sensitively with each individual’s abilities to bring out the best in them and help people to enjoy performance and celebrate their achievements. Katie is quick to praise and slow to complain. She is quick to see potential and is rarely put off by obstacles, seeing them as challenges to overcome. After the demanding 3 week performance schedule of Narnia, we worked with Katie again when we moved the production to St Georges Hall in Liverpool. Again Katie was keen to involve as many actors as possible, and this time she was responsible for choreographing the piece for a large group of children and worked with 2 other group of actors with additional needs. She always took care to remember names and encourage even small details in peoples’ performance. Even when heavily pregnant Katie was an enthusiastic member of the team ensuring that all details of the performers, costumes and production were up to date to hand over to capable colleagues.

Katie worked recently with us on a production for the Olympic torch relay, called Shaping of Liverpool. She was responsible for choreographing 3 pieces and for teaching a piece to the whole cast. She was always cheerful, positive and energetic.

I see Katie as someone with great talent, caring nature and real enthusiasm for all types of performance.

Katie also worked with me briefly on an Easter drama event acting as Mary Magdalene which she did with great skill.

Annie Spiers MBE

Artistic Director, In Another Place