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Creative Dance Group

Divine Dance

What is it?

Divine Dance is a Creative and Performance Based Workshop that meets to perform and create using dance as a medium of self expression. Most of our dancers have additional needs but we perform with all abilities; if you are interested in joining us we are always happy to welcome new members. Our workshops run weekly and we have amazing fun creating and exploring new ways to use the body to tell a story, and connect with each other and our audience. We are current holders of the Nelson Dance Festival Contemporary Joint Group Winners and Joint Overall Winners of the Contemporary Section (we were the only group competing with additional needs). You don’t have to be a dancer to be a Divine Dancer; we work therapeutically with the music to create sensational results which allows for ANYONE to dance.


  • Physical health
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Self worth and self respect
  • Confidence building
  • Work experience
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • Challenging perceptions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An inclusive approach to problem solving
  • Feelings, needs and views of everyone
  • Balance between belief and actions

To book…

You can book Divine Dance to perform at your event or as part of your training/induction programme. We offer a wide variety of packages to meet your requirements; for more information contact the team for a quote. Divine Dance also perform at birthdays, weddings and celebrations, making that special day even more special.


What our clients say!

I enjoy mixing with other people and sharing experiences. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I do and I have been coming to class for over a year. I love the piece we do to Adele – when we do the movements and what we come up with makes me feel proud.

Mike Scallion

Creative Dance Student

We were just blown away by the dancers, they left me speechless.

L. Newman

This session is so alive, it helps you to develop creative skills by using your imagination to describe feelings as objects and colours and all these things are put to music. When the music is played it just washes over you – it is by far my favourite activity which touches all concerned.

I really look forward to the session each week as it enriches my life and the people I support. Some of the people I support have complex needs – when they do this session you can see their faces light up.

The teacher Katie is exceptional and very talented – I learn a lot from her.

June Wilson

Support Worker

I go to the Thursday class and I enjoy everything we do it has helped me and it has made me feel good.

Christine Blackburn

Creative Dance Student

I was moved to tears – they were amazing!

J. Howard

I enjoy that the session gives the students a sense of achievement and camaraderie and it is good exercise. It allows people to shed their inhibitions and introduces people to different musical experiences. The class promotes independent thought and spontaneity.

Phil Bihu

Support Worker