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Divine Days in Schools

Our Approach

Divine Days works in conjunction with your school alongside the daily running so as to minimise any disruption to routine and teaching staff. Divine Days prides itself in its flexible and creative approach to ensure your objectives and desired outcomes. Our workshops are evidenced in a practical and unique way to monitor and evaluate process. Divine Days offers a bespoke service, working with a therapeutic frame work to deliver a school specific programme that explores how self-expression can promote Health and Wellbeing.

Workshops look at preventing:

• Bullying
• Criminal damage in school
• Classroom conflict
• Poor attendance
• Exclusion

Our workshops look at:

SEAL: Social and emotional aspects of learning
PSHE: Personal social and health education
Restorative Practise Arts Award

Workshops on offer:
to explore emotion and situation

Diversity Performance Workshops performed and delivered by Divine Dance – all our Dancers have additional needs

Community Art Murals where the children work alongside the Artists to produce bespoke pieces of art

Creative Relaxation sessions designed to support nurture groups and children at risk

Workshops promote:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Mutual respect
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • Challenging perceptions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • An inclusive approach to problem solving
  • Feelings, needs and views of everyone
  • Balance between belief and actions
  • The deliberate creation of safe and supportive school culture Promoting communities where all are encouraged to listen