New Years - Richard Whitehead

As a new year begins, we all have our challenges to face, but can normally put them on the back burner as we say, “this year will be our year”.

But why will this year be your year?

What plans, strategies or things are in place to make this one different from the previous year(s)?

“Doing the same thing again as last year will get the same results” – Einstein

To grow or evolve, we need to change, but for most of us, we like familiarity and are comfortable within that space. To grow, we all need to challenge ourselves, whether dealing with poor mental health or not.

The difficulty is when trying to manage a mental illness, there are so many doubts and barriers to succeeding that it can sometimes stop you before you begin. I will encourage you to Try, nothing more, nothing less. If you TRY your best, you will be amazed at your progress. If you looked up at the top of Everest and were told to climb that mountain, most of us would turn away and say, “I can’t do that.”

The hardest part of any journey/ change is starting, whether you start on the first attempt, or the 20th it doesn’t matter, just trying to start is progress in itself. 

One of the key messages I will tell everyone who is really struggling is that change doesn’t happen overnight, but wanting a change is where it begins, by the time you start, you have achieved so much to get to the starting line, as it were.

Overcome your minds negativity and aim for that starting point.