Man-Archy - Face to Face Contact

two men walking besides a canal together, talking

Over the past 5 months, West Lancashire has had the severest restriction around lockdown and the tier system. This has meant that from Mon 8th, we have now been able to meet up with 1 other person outside of our household.

Taking the bull by the horns, I have met up with one of the clients each day, to walk along the local canal system. It was really great to be able to communicate face to face again and learn more about each person, to enable them to talk and chat about everyday things.

I have learned the difference between a moor hen and a coot, then the types of boat that travel on the canals, from narrow boat to barge, which is something you don’t get on a phone call, or computer screen.

The fresh air did us all good and it was the first steps on our outdoor journeys, I really enjoyed both guys company and found it as rewarding for me as I hope it was for them.

If you can, meet up with that friend or local contact and get in the open air (socially distancing of course), and feel the benefits of human contact again.

A thing that we may have taken for granted this time last year, is such a gift.