Man-Archy Dilemma

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Sometimes in life, things happen to stop you in your tracks and work out which way to go. At this point it is vital to step back, take stock of everything and give yourself chance to make a good decision, based on all the information you have.

I have recently had a dilemma of my own around my working life. Questions I asked myself were:

Am I making the right decision?

How secure will my future look?

What will this mean for my wife and family?

Which will give me greater satisfaction?

Taking the time to step away from the situation and get the facts in order, enabled me to make a decision. Is it the right decision? I don’t know but based on all my life skills gained over the years, talking to friends and former work colleagues, I believe I have made the right call.

Sometimes, people live with regrets, but this will not help on any road you are heading, to always look back is to miss those things that are happening right now. People look at the destination of where they want to be but miss out on all of the amazing opportunities that present themself on the way there.

Taking everyday on its merits, will help you figure out your destination and enjoy the trip there in the meantime.

Positive and forward thinking are a great way to put regret behind you.