Man-Archy - Fitness

Man doing a pushup in his living room

As someone who has always been on the heavier side of an ideal weight a change of lifestyle is required. Since Covid-19 it has come to a head. I realised that it was time to act upon it, as working on both your mental and physical health is equally important.

As I am now over 40, it is not as easy just to cut out the rubbish and let the weight fall off, I realised that there needed to be a change of mindset. And for someone who loves a few beers, sausage rolls, crisps and chocolate, this was going to be a challenge to start 2021, especially with another lockdown period. Following my successful completion of Dry January, I felt it was time to kick on and create a Fitness February. The idea to start a fitness programme which burns fat and will help, along with the previous changes, to be more active and therefore physically healthy.

I found a plan on you tube, which is achievable, and after the few days can feel the instant benefits. Having more energy, feeling better and renewed my competitive nature to do better than the previous day.

My aim to lose 15kg looked a tough one, but taking that 1st step was the hardest. Now I have begun, the road to much improved physical health seems achievable.

Taking that 1st step is so difficult, but instead of looking at the whole picture, break it into manageable segments. Not many people would begin many of their journey’s if they looked at the whole, but keeping moving towards your goal, means that you are Closer today than you were yesterday.