Man-Archy Job Uncertainty

With another 2 major high street retailers going into administration and going under, over 15,000 jobs will be lost. Along with many other businesses and jobs becoming obsolete in 2020, it is a time to keep your eyes on those who are newly unemployed.

Once lockdown ends on wed 2nd Dec, look around your street, are there people who are now at home all the time? Speak to them the next time you cross paths on the front step, make time and ask them how they are getting on. The same goes with friends, losing a job can be a real kick in the teeth and can hit a persons self-esteem. This is something I experienced 18 months ago but knowing there were people out there trying to help was a fillip to the situation.

If they are on unemployment benefits for the first time, or in a long-time, there are many services that can help you find the right awards, that they are entitled to. Speak to people, it is there right and will give them some security whilst looking for the next challenge.

With some reassurance, this will help their mental health in a time of disruption.