Man-Archy - Loft Space

An attic full of items, most are different toys a child could play with and others are adult objects such as golf clubs, lamps and paintings

I am lucky enough to have a loft in our house and prior to lockdown, it was a hatch and a few bits up there, like Christmas decorations, some treasures and a suitcase or two. We managed to save some money up for loft boards and ensure a much safer experience getting in and out of the space with a proper ladder, rather than me tiptoeing on an a-frame.

The reason this has triggered something in me, is that, we used to put the odd thing up there, but now there seems to be all sorts, spare cushions, a few used toys, even a drum kit (probably the best place for it), but if I could relate this to our minds, it seems rather cluttered and full of stuff that is not that useful. This stuff, that I talk about, means that now when we go and look for certain things, it might be underneath another box, or behind the Christmas tree rather than simple and organised.

Our lives go through spells when we hoard information, at school, a new job, or a change in life circumstances, like a new relationship or the birth of a child. All this information is useful and helps us complete our daily tasks.

The problem is when this useful information, gets clouded with other things. It could be a throw away comment by a friend, an angry person at the train station, or the worry of what is around the corner. These negative thoughts can take over and what do we do when this happens?

Fortunately for me, I can speak to my wife, family or friends, but not everyone has that luxury. Where do this community go to for help? At Man-Archy we aim to bridge that gap and build relationships with others, for their and our benefit.

If you are struggling today, please try and clear a little of that loft space and speak to a friend, colleague or someone you trust. To begin a conversation, is the first step to reorganising your ‘loft space’ in your mind.