Man-Archy – Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is no different to any other for those who have to deal with the challenges of poor mental health, however, it is great to see that there is so much attention brought to this area of health and wellbeing.

So how can we tell if a friend or colleague is struggling with their mental wellbeing? Do they tell us, or is it hidden away and a barrier is put up to disguise it?

Some people will volunteer that information, but in reality most cases are in the second category. Those suffering will often seem absolutely fine to the outside world, but it is when you take the time, you can discover what they may be going through.

When asking that well know opening ‘how are you?’ today, unless you have the time and space to get an answer that isn’t ‘I’m fine thanks’, wait until you do. If there is not a safe environment in which they feel comfortable and they know you are really willing to listen, then the ‘I’m fine’, is all the other person knows that you want to hear.

With many of us interacting face to face again now, with offices opening up and retail etc. Please this week, but also every week, take the time to really understand your friends and colleagues. Not only will it make your relationships stronger, but it will also, stop others building walls up in the future, therefore making mental health a regular conversation that we can all have.