Man-Archy – Mindfulness

In our time of Lockdown, everyone is in their own boat on this journey to our new normal. We are going through similar things to others, but each of us will deal with it in a different way and some cannot deal with the stress that this has caused.

Last week I watched a great session on Mindfulness. As someone who has been through a major breakdown, the speaker was teaching us how to overcome those negative inner voices.

To begin with, when you get one of those messages, focus on a sense (touch, smell etc), when you are focusing on your senses, the other thoughts fade to the background.

For example, if you are alone and an episode strikes, use the sense of touch, pick up an object and feel it. Use your fingers to see where your hand is on the object. Move around the object and feel the bumps and imperfections on the object.

Do this for as long as you need and understand the calming effect it has on you. Your breathing is likely to be calm, your thoughts are solely on the sense of touch and you can move on again.

We all have an inner voice and sometimes the negativity will keep us out of danger, but if it is a personal attack, it is not true. This method is a good way to begin to understand your inner voice.

Keep your journey going and together we can all stay on the path, enjoying each day as we go.