Random Thoughts - Man-Archy

A man holding his temple as black lines representing his thoughts come out in a burst

Our human condition is built for our minds to have thoughts flowing in and out during the day. Often a thought will go as quickly as it comes, but on some occasions when it gets overwhelming, we can be inundated with these thoughts and it can mess with your mental wellbeing.


There are several different ways of combating our thought processes, but one that really helps us get back to our equilibrium is our breathing. Some of us cannot get outside, or interact in various ways, but nearly all of us are able to control our breathing.


When several thoughts come in, inhale a full breath and then exhale slowly, whether slowly takes 3 seconds or 10 seconds, it will help release those negative thoughts and clear your mind. Once one breath is completed, repeat for as long as necessary (probably at least 10 breaths), then pause, refocus and look at what the most important thing to do next is.


Sometimes life overwhelms us, but breath control, gives us our control back.