Man-Archy Starfish

red starfish on purple rocks with some moss

A young boy lived near the sea and one day he saw that thousands of starfish had been swept onto the beach and with the burning sunshine, were likely to die.

The boy immediately went down to the beach and started to pick them up one by one and throw them back into the sea.

A passer by said what you are doing is futile, you can’t save them all.

The young boy picked up another starfish and said “yes, but I’ve just saved that one”.

If you look at the beach as a whole, it looks a daunting prospect, but taking on starfish at a time, enabled the boy to accomplish so much more than he probably thought when he opened his curtains that morning.

By making a small positive contribution to someone’s day, who knows what the overall effect will be. And you may never know. But it could be the first step in enabling them to start moving forward again.

Talk to the person at the checkout, smile at the person on the pavement walking in the other direction, call that person you haven’t spoke to in a while.

Not only may they feel good about it, but you will too.