Man-Archy - The Journey

After working alongside Mental Health referrals for the past 18 months, it has been a joy to see the progress that the vast majority have made in this time.

To change their lives and make those steps on the journey in a different direction to where it was heading is a testament to their commitment, drive and energy.

One man, lets call him Bernard, was in a really bad place, his head was spinning, he had no connections within his community and was really lonely, with no way out of this cycle it seemed.

With support from his GP and referrals, he has gained bespoke support and made those first steps. People can give you help and support, but ultimately he made the change in his life and took those first steps.

Over months of trying, his life has improved and he has made connections locally. He is able to make new companions and has even begun looking for volunteering roles.

To look back is sometimes frowned upon, however, with a mental illness, it is a good way to mark the progress he has made each month, then can see how he can hit the next target.

Setbacks are not a sign of weakness, but a way to mark time on your journey, to help you learn, reset and start again.

Man-Archy, four men looking over the hills together
Man-Archy, four men looking over the hills together