Suicide Prevention - Baton of Hope

No Matter the darkness please talk to somebody and let the light in

Suicide Prevention – Baton of Hope


On Thursday 29th June I was privileged to be a part of the Baton of Hope, National Campaign, to raise awareness of Suicide and promote prevention. I managed to connect with several people across the day, including Gary from Mentell – , Alice from Cheshire & Jess who set up and has grown the Martin Gallier Project –


To see the warmth and desire for change among this group of people from all across the North West has really heightened my passion to support the men in our community not just survive, but begin to thrive.


Baton of Hope was set up by 1 man’s vision to raise his son’s life & death to the hearts of people and fight on to open conversations around mental illness, suicide and prevent more deaths. With a team and a vision they have accomplished more than they could ever imagine possible.


Taking it back to Man-Archy and our 2 ½ years, we have supported 77 Men in West Lancashire to deal with and given strategies, empowerment and a companion to validate their, in many cases, suicidal thoughts. To be in such a position and enable men to walk through their darkest times and see the light, however small a flicker, is something we are passionate about at Man-Archy.


“No matter the darkness, talk to someone and let the light in” – Our new motto