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Who we are

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Welcome to The Legacy Project, a national award winning, supported internship programme, which is part of the Divine Days Community CIC group, operating across Skelmersdale and the surrounding areas, for 16-24 year olds with additional needs. Initially part of the Transforming Care vision of the NHS, we seek to break down health inequalities and promote resilience and connectivity in our young learning disabled and disabled community. We work alongside local businesses and the local FE college, providing a 1 year Supported Internship programme, to promote cohesion and a workforce of young people  who are supported to utilise their wealth of untapped potential and skill, and to make a valued contribution to their society.

How does it work?

Supported Internships are fully funded allowing for a young person with additional needs, to enter a working environment with support and guidance from a professional job coach, whilst enabling the employer to have the confidence to tap into their work ethic, commitment and the unique skill set of our Interns. The Intern attends college 2 days per week and their employment placement 3 days per week. A job coach supports the Intern each day, helping to act as a communication bridge between them and their college/employer, as well as supporting with and breaking down tasks in a way that will encourage their success and achievement. Over time the Intern develops their confidence and further develops their skill set, allowing the job coach to modify and gradually reduce that level of support, eventually leaving the Intern fully capable of independent working and the employer with a diverse, skillful and experienced employee.
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How we've succeeded

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The employment rate for individuals with additional needs typically hovers around 6%, but the Legacy Projects has defied this statistic with an impressive rate exceeding 60%.

Through their innovative approach, they’ve facilitated numerous success stories, with interns securing employment in various sectors including caretaking, IT administration, joinery, and other specialized roles. This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of their inclusive strategies and highlights the transformative impact they’ve had on empowering individuals with diverse abilities to thrive in the workforce.

Much more than that even, our interns report feeling an enhanced sense of confidence, wellbeing, improved communication and life skills and a greater sense of purpose. For those who do not immediately go into employment, they have still developed vital employment and life skills, have gained friendships, work experience for their CV and an onward reference.


We invite you to read our success stories below. Three beautiful examples of how we have helped individuals in the community succeed and thrive in a working environment.


How you can get involved/support us

If you are interested in getting involved with the supporting the work of The Legacy Project, to diversify your workplace, to tap into an eager labor force who bring a fresh perspective and unique set of skills, and to help your community by breaking down barriers to inclusion and accessibility, please contact Richard at or call 07850851108.

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The Legacy Project Team The Award For Impact Through Partnership Delphside Community Primary School North West Silver Winner 2023