Man-Archy is a men’s mental health provision, providing assistance for over 100 men in our community in the past 3 years. We tackle inequalities in men’s mental health in West Lancs. Our program uses talking therapies, support groups, one to one intervention, befriending service, and physical activity programmes. It is a service for men within Skelmersdale and those living in West Lancashire struggling to cope with a variety of issues and situations impacting on their mental health. We work in partnership with a variety of community partners to deliver a person-centred local offer for suicide prevention and crisis intervention for men looking to make changes and to reconnect to their community.

For more information, email or telephone: 07850 851108

Man-Archy – 7.30 – 9.00pm every Monday, except Bank Holidays @ Greenhill Community Hub, Skelmersdale

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Case Study:

This is a case of one of our first gentleman referred, he was a self-employed entrepreneur and had grown his business from scratch, to be worth over £1.5m in total. Just before covid 19 hit, he had a family breakdown and lost his business, his partner and his children went against him. He went from having what is perceived as “everything” to nothing in a matter of weeks. Nowhere to live, no income, no prospects and he hit rock bottom and was seriously contemplating suicide, as a way out.

We met and he was dishevelled, incoherent and had a
pronounced stammer and not enough money to pay his bills or rent. Immediately
we worked with SWLIcan to see if he was entitled to PIP and cover some
essential bills, he was and that released some of the tension he had. Over the
weeks and months, we met regularly and used the canal network to go for walks
and talk about him, some goals, the wildlife and subject matter that he was
interested in. In time, his stammer reduced, he took more personal care of himself
and started gardening again. 


When speaking of his interests he spoke about connecting with the community, so we investigated some places that may be of interest to him and reached out to those groups. This community based group then helped him grow again and have purpose, getting him back to his former self. In the months following this, he was able to think about looking for paid work, rather than voluntary, and a group in Chorley, providing Peer Mentoring was looking for people to fill a vacancy. He was keen, but was unsure of the process. We worked through the application and he was successful and now works full-time in this role.

A man in a poorly lit room looks up towards the top right of the image.

Project Outcome/Update:

A man gleefully cheers

Man-archy is now into its 4th year as a mental
health and wellbeing support in West Lancashire. At time of issue, we have 34
men on our client list, with over 70 returning to work, being referred on,
volunteering or able to enjoy retirement once again.

We have 5 points of contact available. 1 to 1 talking
therapies, our weekly group provision, telephone calls, whats app calls/
messages, email database and our website blogs. These means of communication
keep the men engaged with regular contact and information.

We have been funded by Well Sklemersdale, CCG, Co-op local funding and the NHS. We are actively looking for further funding for the future to save lives by reducing suicide or attempted suicide, cut hospital admissions and engage with each community to make talk of suicide less taboo, to encourage more people to be open about themselves and where they are. 

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Co-op's Local Community Fund.

Man-Archy Community Funding

We have teamed up with the Co-op to provide funding for future projects for Man-archy and Men’s mental health. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity and the great work that they accomplish with this scheme does this community the world of good and we hope great success for themselves with this model. Allowing other opportunities to be funded through their large enterprise makes sure that not only we can provide support but other companies and provisions can also do the same. 

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