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Divine Days inclusive dance activities and classes for people of all ages with additional needs. Our teachers and practitioners have years of experience, as well as being qualified and trained in working with children and adults with additional needs, learning disabilities and complex needs. Our award-winning Dancers have performed all over the country raising awareness of inclusion and acceptance

We work with mainstream organisations to help them develop and improve their inclusive practice and how to become disability confident.

We deliver a variety of training programmes for schools and businesses including antibullying as well as disability awareness and inclusivity.

Case Study:

6 individuals in a dance routine

One of our Dancers, has complex needs and learning disabilities and severe social disorders. Since joining Divine Days she has grown in confidence and made meaningful friendships. She has taken part in a variety of creative programmes and has become a beautiful dancer.

Prior to Divine Days, she would have extreme anti social behaviour and struggle public settings.

The change in her behaviour has been incredible and she took part in several community outreach events and performances which would have been impossible before she began dancing with Divine Dance.

Her support worker shared how Divine Days had completely changed her clients life and outlook. “Seeing how happy she has become in the sessions and the friendships she made has changed her approach to social interactions and the content and quality of her life.

Project outcomes/update:

We have continued to deliver during the pandemic and have produced Divine Diji our online adapted resources for children and adults with additional needs. These are being delivered in schools as part of their home school program and as part of the Children and Family Wellbeing Service referrals for families needing support for physical intervention at a time when no services where running. We have devised a variety of online programs one of which is our Sleepy Time program designed to help children with complex needs prepare for sleep in a safe and calm environment.

Our partnership with mainstream performing arts provision is continuing as we continue to offer support and disability specialised training. Our new collaboration with The Artz centre in Upholland and Skelmersdale and Inspiration Dance will help integrate our prevision and give more dancers with additional needs the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of experiences.

We continue to work with Lighthouse family support group and West Lancashire Children and Family Wellbeing service to deliver as part of their provision in the resource centres when they reopen after lockdown. Prior to lockdown we delivered from 3 of their venues in West Lancashire and we are now delivering an extensive variety of provision as part of their local offer as part of their Covid response and in 3 settings  in Burscough, Ormskirk and Skelmersdale when they reopen their doors.

Find out more:

For more information about our workshops and how to get involved, please see our dance classes page, email us at ,or telephone 07782 548395

Please browse our image gallery below to see our Divine Dancers rehearsing and performing.