The project, run by An Inclusive Future, is designed to help women of all ages and backgrounds to build confidence and raise aspirations where issues anxiety and negative self-image are at play.  The project is female led and offers a 12-week programme consisting of 2 and half hour facilitated weekly sessions per week and two and half hours unsupervised (either individual and or with buddies) per week. 

Project content includes, group activities exploring the links between employability and confidence, how to support, giving positive feedback, problem solving, peer support to help each other in overcoming lack of confidence and anxiety, exploration of aspirations, interests and passions linking them to possible employment and training opportunities.

The project also explores creative positive approaches in moving toward employability individually and as a group in order to build confidence, reduce anxiety and recognise self-worth by developing individual learning plans.

Case Study:

two women on a couch looking downwards in grief

Our client attended the course with a self-professed lack of confidence that manifested itself in all aspects of her life with regards her interactions with her children, extended family members, isolating from friends and avoiding any opportunities that might provide her with new experiences. After dealing with a prolonged domestic violence home environment she came on the course still carrying the burden and scars from living with issues relating to that experience.

She had worked as a receptionist in a very busy children’s centre some years earlier and a local bank. These skills and abilities had been covered over due to the trauma she had experienced. The opportunity that Wonder Women offered her was the space to express fears, anxieties and by doing it in a safe environment was able to put these fears aside to step forward.  When asked at week 6 of the programme did she want to do anything new or different she felt confident to explore the possibility of volunteering at a local charity with a view to re-entering the employment market.  She is having an interview with the local charity during March 2020 with a plan to begin volunteering 1 day per week from April 2020.

Project Update/Outcome

The project is currently still running but has been interrupted due to the COVID -19 pandemic.  As a result we have extended the programme until June 2021. The key activities and project aims have not changed.  Based on feedback from the group however we have condensed the programme into 6 weeks rather than 12.  This allows us to put 6 x 6 week programmes on with 6 participants on each.  36 beneficiary target remains the same which we are ahead of schedule to achieve.

The greatest achievements so far has been the distanced travelled professionally and personally of participants e.g. going from a situation of struggling to leave the house to agreeing to volunteer on a weekly basis. 

Due to the positive feedback received and direct requests from individuals and partner organisations we are planning to extend the project into 2022 and beyond in West Lancashire via a new round of European Social Fund (ESF) money and also into other areas of the North West via alternative funding streams.

three business women sit down to discuss.

For more information, email or telephone: 07960 279251